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What is the MATCH! Program?

The MATCH! Program, is a unique program that takes place at the annual NGA Show each year in February. The appointment-setting program is a business marketplace for grocers, food retailers and supermarkets where authorized buyers and decision makers have the opportunity to meet with food and beverage suppliers, service providers, equipment companies and other food retail industry vendors. The program guarantees pre-set meetings with qualified buyers who are currently making purchasing decisions.

Interested in participating in the MATCH! Program?


Advantages & Benefits for Suppliers and Vendors

  • Program limited to 30 vendors
  • One-stop-opportunity: exposure to food retailers and grocers with pre-arranged meetings
  • Buyers are pre-qualified 
  • Schedule arranged through web-based matching software  
  • By knowing which meetings are scheduled in advance, suppliers are able to prepare, and improve the success ratio  
  • More efficient than traditional sales channels 
  • Guarantee that buyers will keep appointments with suppliers
  • Significant ROI over a three-day conference with highly targeted meetings
  • Educational and networking opportunities for staff and teams attending
  • For additional questions please email us at

How Does it Work?

  • The NGA Show will provide you access to an online portal
  • You can review your profile and make preference changes right in the web-based system
  • You can see who is attending as a pre-qualified buyer and use the sorting options to narrow down the list
  • Select organizations you are interested in meeting for your one-on-one appointments
  • Meetings can start being requested approximately 4 weeks from the event.

What is the MATCH! Program Fee?

The cost is $2,000 which includes the following:

  • 5 pre-set guaranteed meetings
  • MATCH! Participant booth recognition
  • Access to an on-site MATCH! Lounge with meeting space, charging stations and refreshments daily
  • Post event email to all MATCH! participants
  • For additional questions please email us at

Industry solution providers pay a fee to get access to a highly-targeted buyer pool for pre-set meetings. Qualified retailers are screened by The NGA Show to ensure they are actively evaluating and making purchasing decisions for their organizations. The goal and result of the program is to bring buyers and sellers together to expedite and create efficiency for the process of doing business. Once on-site in San Diego, The NGA Show staff members will coordinate meetings with buyers and sellers.

1x1 Meeting Program Rationale

  • High travel cost and hard to schedule meetings
  • Low conversion rate on scheduling meetings for sales team
  • Challenging getting to premier/hard to reach decision makers 
  • Supplier cost per trip can average $2,000
  • Scheduled 10 trips for meetings = $15-25,000
  • The NGA Show total cost for solution provider = $2,500 
  • Cost per meeting = $250

2019 Participating Organizations Included:

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i me mine digital
kost klip

mettler toledo

muggers marrow
new pig

okanagan specialty fruits


RPS-tomat commercial cleaning company

shullsburg creamery

the rose solution


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