2018 Operating For Excellence

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FMS Financial Symposium

Education Partner:  FMS Solutions Holdings, LLC
Back by popular demand, the FMS Financial Symposium will delve into issues with the greatest impact on the grocery industry.  In this 4-hour session, retailers and knowledge experts will provide guidance on tax reform and its implications for independent grocers, status of health care and creative ways retailers can reduce health care expenses, the state of mergers and acquisitions activity in the industry, and best practices for reducing operational shrink.  This in-depth review of some of the most pressing issues for independents will provide tactics and strategies for improving competitiveness and ensuring long-term growth.  

Location: Antigua AB

Profitability Improvement Strategies – What is Your Data Telling You?

Learn how your company can utilize technology to drive bottom line profitability and enhance performance metrics.  From former LP execs from Home Depot and WalMart, discover how to leverage the same successful analytics, processes, and technologies they developed and used to improve productivity and efficiency throughout the store.

Location: Antigua AB

Rolling Back Labor Regulations and Other News from Washington

We are now one year into President Trump's administration, and the Executive Branch has had a significant impact on the domestic agenda impacting employers, particularly grocers.  Among the most impactful changes include re-evaluating the overtime rule, rolling back protections for transgender workers, and repealing several OSHA rules.  At the Supreme Court, the Administration changed positions in key workplace cases including whether employers can have an arbitration agreement that restricts class actions, and relaxing the standard for finding joint employers between prime employers and contractors. Hear more about the impact of the Trump Administration on the workplace, and what the future holds for grocers.

Location: Antigua AB

Trends and Innovations in the Design and Construction of Distribution Facilities

Education Partners:  Global Cold Chain Alliance
New technologies, customer demands, and regulations constantly require companies to evaluate their distribution facilities and processes.  Discover some of the latest design trends and innovations in the construction of temperature-controlled distribution facilities as well as new technologies that companies are implementing in their greenfield and retrofit projects. If you operate a distribution facility or are thinking of building or remodeling a warehouse, take away best practices to ensure your facility operates at peak efficiency.  

Location: Antigua AB

Developing Your Crisis Team for Unplanned Events

Hurricanes, storms, fires, shootings, workplace violence, riots, food borne illness, data fraud and electric communications blackouts are just some of the situations that may cause serious business disruption.    A general plan that addresses both major and minor crisis issues involves communicating with employees, customers and the media, working closely with local and state government regulatory agencies and asking vendors and suppliers to do extraordinary things to help customers and the communities in which they operate.  Take home the basics of creating a crisis or special situation team that can address the “what if’s” of preparing for critical issues, both large and small, to help protect your brand and your business.  

Location: Antigua AB

With over 40 specialized educational workshops led by retailers for retailers and more than 350 companies on our EXPO floor showcasing innovative and game-changing products and solutions, The NGA Show provides countless opportunities to learn from your peers and other industry thought leaders. Bring your whole team to The NGA Show and bring home ideas that will drive profitable growth for your company.