Payments & Profitability

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Accounting & Tax Update
Revised financial standards and new tax regulations take effect in 2017. An issue this year, changes in lease accounting standards which may have a significant impact on retailers’ balance sheets and income statements. Learn what other standards are changing and how they will impact financial reporting. We’ll review planned GAAP adjustments as well as upcoming modifications to tax codes that will affect the industry in 2017. 

Michael Gleeson, Director, Government Relations, National Grocers Association 
Francis Godfrey, Partner, BKD

Estate Planning – Ownership Transfer Strategies                  
Grocers considering transferring ownership to either family members or associates are often faced with overwhelming financial regulations and considerations. Find out what estate planning tools and options are available and what factors to consider when making the decision to sell. Retailers will share their experiences with in-family ownership transfers and Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRAT) as well as employee ownership programs (ESOPs). 

Jim Kirlin, Financial Advisor, Private Capital Solutions
Michael LeClerc, Chief Financial Officer, North State Grocery, Inc. 
Dennis Lindsay, Chief Financial Officer, Nugget Market
Moderator: Jon Cline, Vice President, FMS Solutions Holdings, LLC

Financial Benchmarks – Do You Know Where You Stand?
The annual NGA / FMS Grocers Financial Survey indicates industry performance has improved slightly. Did your company see similar results? In 2017, consumer spending and labor costs are expected to have a significant impact on performance. Find out what other economic factors will affect the industry and hear how best in class retailers overcome these challenges. Discover how to use this research to improve your company's sales and profits, efficiency and overall performance. 

Bob Graybill, President & CEO, FMS Solutions Holdings, LLC 

State of Industry – Mergers & Acquisitions
Easier access to capital and a very competitive marketplace have led to a large number of acquisitions by private equity firms and mergers among regional companies in 2016. Will this shake-up continue in 2017 and beyond? Find out what else is driving consolidation and bankruptcy activity in the grocery industry. We’ll look at the types of companies that are likely to be impacted by M&A activity and what’s happening to EBITDA multiples in this environment.

David Schoeder, Partner, The Food Partners, Inc.

Cyber Security - Keeping Up With the Latest Threats
Retailers are a target for hackers because of the high volume of financial data processed in stores and high number of access points. Retailers who are hacked are likely to experience severe financial and reputation damage. From a leading cyber security expert, discover the key trends in cyber attacks and new methods to protect your organization. Review new approaches to data security and lessons learned from security audits.

Stephanie Ericksen, Vice President, Global Risk Products, VISA Inc. 
Josh Hartinger Manager, Electronic Payment Technologies, Unified Grocers, Inc. 
Ajay Guru, Vice President, Head of Merchant Fraud Solutions, First Data

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