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2023 Education Schedule

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Unleash Your Sales Potential: The Italian Solution

Feb 27, 2023
Education Theater
Consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity when shopping for grocery items, as well as quality ingredients to elevate to a “restaurant experience” their homemade food. ”The Italian Solution” brings to your shoppers the highest care and quality you can find, with a premium assortment of authentic Italian products that will increase your returns and grow interest in the high-value specialty food segment.
Federico Tozzi, Executive Director - Italy – America Chamber of Commerce
Sara Gavioli, Sales and Marketing Support - Coop Italian Food North America
Flavia Garzia, New Business Development for Retail & Foodservice - Garofalo
Marco Petrini, President - Monini
Ilaria Bonucchi, Marketing Specialist - Pomi
Sandro Sartor, President - Ruffino
Caterina Corvino, Director, Brand Ambassador - Ruffino
Eugenio Perrier, Marketing Advisor - Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano
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