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2023 Education Schedule

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Build Shopper Loyalty & Improve Store Culture with Multichannel Consumer Feedback

Feb 28, 2023
Summit 215-216
Think you have a good understanding of what customers want from your store? Wouldn’t it be better to know you do? Hear firsthand from independent grocery retailers are using multichannel customer feedback—from store assessments and always-available feedback forms to tailored surveys—to gain a deeper understanding of each stage of the customer journey. Learn how this voice of the consumer methodology is being used in operational planning to help store teams identify and fix issues, elevate the buying experience, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.
Leigh Engelbrecht, President - ADVay Marketing
Paulo Goezler, President - IGA Coca-Cola Institute
Bob Rybrick, President & CEO - Geissler's Supermarkets, Inc.
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