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2023 Education Schedule

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Functional Foods Deliver More than Just Great Taste

Feb 28, 2023
Thought Leadership Theater

Graham Sorkin, Co-Founder and Chief of Staff of The Functional Chocolate Company, will discuss how customers are increasingly looking for products that give them the best value for their dollars and calories in the current economic climate. Functional Foods, and in particular Functional Chocolate, offer a unique value add combining decadent chocolate for a pleasurable user experience, along with an effective and proprietary formula based on the most effective natural product supplements to offer a solution for the everyday health realities that impact all customers.


  • Understand the market opportunity for functional foods
  • Explore the scope of everyday health realities like stress/anxiety, insomnia, pain management and more that customers are seeking to solve
  • Identify trending Functional Foods products that your customers will enjoy
Graham Sorkin, Co-Founder, Chief of Staff - The Functional Chocolate Company
the functional chocolate company
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