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2023 Education Schedule

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Grab a Wet-it! *GIVEAWAY

Feb 28, 2023
Thought Leadership Theater

Owners and founders, Justin and Mathilda will present the Wet-it Swedish sponge cloth and the Skrubba eco friendly scouring pad featured in prefilled displayers.  Both of these products are perfect for impulse buy opportunities in grocery mainly due to low price point and ease of shipping.


  • Find out about the key selling features of Wet-it and Skrubba and how these eco-friendly products will enhance your stores offering of fun, unique cleaning product made in Sweden and the USA.
  • Justin and Mathilda will be offering a GIVEAWAY of the displayers prefilled with the Wet-it and Skrubba product.
  • Stop by to get your name in for the GIVEAWAY!  At least 5 pre-filled displayers will be in the GIVEAWAY!
Mathilda Davies, Founder & Chief Designer - Wet-it Swedish Treasures
Justin Davies, COO - Wet-it Swedish Treasures
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