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2023 Education Schedule

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Increasing sales and profits with NGA Independent Insights, Analytics, and AI

Feb 28, 2023
Technology Thought Leadership Theater

It’s not easy for independent grocers to keep track of grocery movement outside of their stores. Discover how NGA Independent Insights is used to condense movement among hundreds of thousands of SKUs from over 1,300 stores nationwide into a digestible dashboard accessible from a browser or in the aisles. This allows grocers to identify trending SKUs or Categories among peer stores, spot trending SKUs among peer stores that they themselves don’t carry, and even identify new pricing opportunities.  A key differentiator for this platform is how it is seamlessly integrated into analytics that are used daily by pricing, operations, and merchandising.
Additionally, with the high-volume of price changes, using a solution to ensure the necessary margins are maintained is imperative, but what other profit opportunities exist in pricing within a store?  An extension of this platform offers AI models which analyze items within categories and present pricing analysts with several recommendations to increase profits.  Understand the steps that go into implementing a demand-based price recommendation solution by learning about obstacles to overcome, letting prices go live, watching the initial results come in, and how profits can be increased by 2% -- 5% of managed revenue.


  • Learn how to compare sales from their chain/store against 1,300+ anonymous Independent Grocers
  • Understand the steps to implement an AI demand-based pricing solution and the potential increase in profits
  • Discover how you can analyze your store(s) performance trends and profitability using cloud reporting
  • Track performance using weekly metrics
Mike Abbene, Cloud Software Manager - BRData
Joseph Dwyer, Data Scientist - BRData
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