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2023 Education Schedule

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Smart Grocery Stores: Realize the Promise, Avoid the Pitfalls

Feb 27, 2023
Technology Thought Leadership Theater

New technologies are making it easier than ever to retrofit your facility with wireless sensors that can do everything from monitoring the temperature of cases to detecting leaks alerts. These solutions hold great promise to reduce food loss, drive energy efficiencies and decrease labor costs.But installing and maintaining these new technologies bring their own set of challenges and headaches. In this session, we’ll talk about how you can have it all by prioritizing the problems you’re trying to solve, vetting alternatives, and building a team to ensure a smooth rollout.


  • Wireless sensors can be used to ensure safe and fresh food, reduce labor costs and help achieve your sustainability goals
  • New technologies often help on multiple fronts; carefully prioritizing the problems you are trying to solve is a critical first step in selecting the right technology for your facility
  • Vet the solutions you are considering to ensure the reality lives up to the hype
  • Rolling out new sensing solutions requires a team effort and it is critical to get all key
Chris Johnson, VP of the Americas - Disruptive Technologies
disruptive technologies
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