Closing Keynote

2021 Closing Keynote

Creating a ‘Magnetic’ Store Culture  


For decades, engaging the customer in a positive, meaningful manner was the ultimate objective of most every retailer.  A customer who felt welcomed and appreciated would surely return and might even become an outspoken advocate.
Today, this objective is being rewritten to include our employees.  Once falsely considered, “our most important asset,” (we never owned them), this rare (hard to find) and precious (can’t succeed without them) “resource” is being viewed similarly.  First, we must make them feel welcomed and then, continuously appreciated.
This session is totally committed to this modified create a ‘Magnetic’ Store Culture; a workplace that emphasizes mutual respect, continuous personal development and daily doses of fun.   Nicknamed “S.T.L.F.T.”, this program’s thesis is “when we give our employees Something To Look Forward To (S.T.L.F.T.) each and every day they show up, they’d show up more often and with ENTHUSIASM.
This session was created to be viewed by company and store leadership, ideally together to foster catalytic conversations immediately upon the conclusion of the session.

Harold C. Lloyd

Harold C. Lloyd

Harold is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and holds an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago.  He has been the president of a company with 1000 employees and 14 stores and was a franchisee of a 3-unit, award-winning family restaurant group. 

For the last 34 years, Harold has been the featured speaker at the food industry’s most popular events.  He has created 30 top rated seminars and written 4 books.  He has also created and currently facilitates nine industry related share groups.
Harold is a proud father of 3 and grandfather of 2 and lives in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife, Deanna.

Harold says, “I’d rather see the audience taking notes than to hear their applause.”  This remark speaks to his intense desire to make a meaningful connection with his audience, which is his ultimate objective.

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