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Future Industry Leaders – Expectations, Insights and Plans

Future Industry Leaders – Expectations, Insights and Plans

Monday, February 24
7:00 AM - 8:15 AM
Location: Ballroom 20

Join Greg Ferrara, NGA’s new President and CEO, for a wide-ranging discussion with up and coming industry leaders. Hear how these young executives see the future of the industry and their thoughts on how grocers must adapt to major shifts such as a millennial-oriented workforce, shifting shopper demographics and the changing role of the physical store.  We’ll hear how these emerging leaders plan to keep their companies and the independent sector competitive in the future.


Greg Ferrara
President and CEO, National Grocers Association
Marc Robert III
General Manger, Robert Fresh Market
Ashley Harris
Director of Operations, Stepherson’s Superlo Foods
 Emily Coborn
Vice President of Operations East, Coborn’s Inc.