General Sessions

2022 General Sessions

The Shopping Experience of the Future: Evolving from Today to Tomorrow... Powered by the Consumer Heartbeat of Demand

Sunday, February 27   |   1:00 - 4:00 PM

You realize you are operating in a marketplace where the shopping experience is evolving quickly based on the impact of the five so-called Drivers of Change (Society, Technology, Economics, Environment, and Policy – sometimes called STEEP).  The result is new competitors with many resources are entering your marketplace. What should you do? Double down on what you do well already? Develop new capabilities? Or both? Our 3-hour session will explore these options. Through a variety of mind-expanding speakers, panels, breakouts, and demos from startups, you will be challenged to look at how innovation can help you continually improve for today as well as how it can help you build new capabilities that you will need tomorrow
A Retail Tomorrow production, presented by the Tomorrow Group.
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