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MATCH! Appointment Setting Exhibitor

MATCH! Appointment Setting

The NGA Show MATCH! Appointment Setting Exhibitor

What is the MATCH! Program?

The MATCH! Program, is a unique program that takes place at the annual NGA Show each year in February. The appointment-setting program is a business marketplace for grocers, food retailers and supermarkets where authorized buyers and decision makers have the opportunity to meet with food and beverage suppliers, service providers, equipment companies and other food retail industry vendors. The program guarantees pre-set meetings with qualified buyers who are currently making purchasing decisions.

Advantages & Benefits for Suppliers and Vendors

  • Program limited to 100 vendors
  • One-stop-opportunity: exposure to food retailers and grocers with pre-arranged meetings
  • Buyers are pre-qualified 
  • Schedule arranged through web-based matching software  
  • By knowing which meetings are scheduled in advance, suppliers are able to prepare and improve the success ratio  
  • More efficient than traditional sales channels 
  • Guarantee that buyers will keep appointments with suppliers
  • Significant ROI over a three-day conference with highly targeted meetings
  • Educational and networking opportunities for staff and teams attending
  • For additional questions please email us at

Exhibitor Testimonials

“It’s the best thing that we’ve ever had happen. We’ve had almost 20 appointments that were pre-set for us, as well as the wonderful traffic that was here on the Show floor. It was great to know that we had people coming, we knew what they were looking for, they were specifically looking for us and it was a just a great, great opportunity. It really elevated the whole concept of the NGA Show for us.” - Joe Michaels, Tebo  

“The MATCH! Program worked really well for us. It was great having targeted leads recommended for us and have people coming in ready to talk about what we do. By having the MATCH! Program we were able to sit down and have some real quality conversations with some good leads. I woud definitely recommend to people considering the NGA Show to suppliment your booth with some MATCH! meetings, I think it will make the Show that much better.” - Shawn Tuckett, Webstop

“It gave us the ability to do the research on the consumer and prospect ahead of time, allowing us to touch on points we thought were pertainment to them so we are always prepared for our meetings, making for a better sales presentation. It’s been a highly sucessful Show, kudos to the MATCH! Program. I certainly would endorse it and look forward to expanding on it in the future.” - Terry King, Freshop

What is the MATCH! Program Fee?

The cost is $2,000 which includes the following:

  • 5 pre-set guaranteed meetings
  • MATCH! Participant booth recognition
  • Access to an on-site MATCH! Lounge with meeting space, charging stations and refreshments daily
  • Post-event email to all MATCH! participants
  • For additional questions please email us at

Industry solution providers pay a fee to get access to a highly-targeted buyer pool for pre-set meetings. Qualified retailers are screened by The NGA Show to ensure they are actively evaluating and making purchasing decisions for their organizations. The goal and result of the program is to bring buyers and sellers together to expedite and create efficiency for the process of doing business. Once on-site in San Diego, The NGA Show staff members will coordinate meetings with buyers and sellers.

Participating Vendors Include:

The NGA Show MATCH! Appointment Setting

The NGA Show MATCH! Appointment Setting

The NGA Show MATCH! Appointment Setting

The NGA Show MATCH! Appointment Setting