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Brandi Johnson

Brandi Johnson

CEO/Executive Director, The Coupon Bureau

As CEO of The Coupon Bureau, Brandi Johnson is responsible for leading the organization and supporting the new industry-wide couponing standard. Brandi has a proven executive management track record of driving innovation in the coupon technology industry. Before creating The Coupon Bureau, she was CEO of Qples, the industry’s first SaaS-based Print-at-Home, coupon builder manager tool. Brandi’s remarkable instinct for strategic partnerships led the company from a tech start-up to an industry leader. Those same skills are what she now brings to The Coupon Bureau – a non-profit, industry-managed platform connecting all stakeholders to the Universal Coupon ecosystem. Brandi has been leading this project since May 2018 to move the technology forward, working with industry associations and leadership to develop consensus.  Her global relationships with technologists, retailers, and CPGs will continue to drive the adoption of the new standard and create an innovation ecosystem for the market.