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Ken Andrews

Ken Andrews

President & CIO, Millennium Digital Technologies
Ken has spent the last 20+ years building successful solutions to address payment processing, networking and network security challenges. His specialties focus on the integration and intricacies when point of sale, networks and data security collide. His background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science provides a unique insight into the frontend hardware where transactions originate to the backend software that power payment and POS systems. He is the founder and president of Millennium Digital Technologies, LLC an organization centered on bringing cost effective network management, security and compliance solutions to small and medium sized organizations. MDTech believes that compliance, security and peace of mind should not be cost prohibitive for the small to midsized merchant and has worked endlessly to bring these solutions to customers spanning the globe. In addition to his technical interests, Ken is a professional pilot licensed to fly many different types of aircraft from gliders to jet power aircraft. He is a board member of Turtles Fly Too, a not for profit organization that coordinates private airlifts of endangered sea turtles with NOAA, the FAA and rehabilitation organizations that restore turtles to good health and eventually release them back into the ocean. Ken has personally flown many missions resulting the rehabilitation and release of hundreds of previously stranded and severely ill sea turtles.