Student Expo Review

Student Expo Review Overview

Students will visit the expo floor and search for the best products and services available and present their top product reviews in a quick pitch format on the expo stage.

The purpose of this program is to:
a. Give students, especially those no longer competing in the Student Case Study Competition, an opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism and presentation skills in a different format than the Case Study
b. Deliver value to retailer and wholesaler attendees by having expo products reviewed and presented by a key demographic
c. Encourage exhibitors to connect with students on the expo floor and demonstrate the value of their products in addition to gaining valuable exposure of their product or service
d. Create a business conversation between students and attendees that facilitates networking and helps students make a professional connection

Program Format

Student leads from each school not progressing in the Student Case Study Competition will organize their classmates to search the expo floor and then meet throughout the show to determine the top products/services, fostering collaboration amongst the universities.

The top list will be revealed in a presentation by the students on the expo stage on

Students will select* what they believe to be the most innovative or interesting product from each of the following categories on the expo floor (2 per category).
1. Technology
2. Fresh
3. Center Store
4. Marketing
5. Operations

Review Format:
1. What is the product/service? 
2. Why is it important? Does it fill a gap in the current marketplace? Address a current trend or economic factor?
3. How will this help a retailer’s business? How does this help independents compete?

*This is not an award presentation and selections will not be referred to as “winners” – this presentation is simply informative.