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Thriving as an Independent

Thriving as an Independent

Monday, February 25, 2019
7:00 AM - 8:15 AM
Ballroom 20

A look in the rearview mirror shows just how quickly the industry has changed in the last few years. Technology, a fickle economy, new competitors and ever-changing consumer wants and habits have conspired to make it challenging for retailers to survive – let alone thrive. But many independents have done just that – flourished in a complex environment. Find out why wholesalers are bullish on independents, especially those who are innovative, disciplined, strategic and willing to make tough choices. Industry leaders with a birds-eye view of the marketplace will share their perspectives on the future of the independent retailer and how grocers can flourish in the future.


  • Peter Larkin, President & CEO, National Grocers Association
  • John Ross, President & CEO, IGA, Inc.
  • Mike Stigers, Executive Vice President, Wholesale, SUPERVALU/UNFI
  • David Smith, President & CEO, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
  • Randy Arceneaux, President & CEO, Affiliated Foods, Inc.

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