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Lauren Redman

Lauren Redman

Leader of the Pack/President & CEO, Rudy's Market, Inc.. DBA Newport Avenue Market
Lauren G. R. Johnson was born and raised in Bend as a fifth generation Oregonian, as well as in the retail industry. She spent her early years going to work with her mother, Debbie Dory, who owned a floral shop. After her mom sold the flower shop, Johnson anxiously awaited the day she turned 16 so she could apply to be a box kid at Newport Avenue Market, owned by her stepfather, Rudy Dory. She spent her teen years employed at Newport Avenue Market, learning from Debbie and Rudy. Throughout those years spent working at the market, she built a strong work ethic and picked up invaluable demonstration, commitment and sales skills – which she now puts to work on a daily basis as CEO & President of Newport Avenue Market. In 2015, Lauren helped lead the effort for Rudy’s Markets Inc. to become the first 100% employee-owned grocery store in Central Oregon. She’s a perceptive business owner who appreciates and embraces innovation and the development and implementation of business efficiencies. Lauren is passionate about the success of Oregon’s small business economy and the benefits it creates for the state. She fully embraces the family belief of being first, best or different, and feels it is the core of the company’s success.