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Exhibitor FAQs

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Exhibitor FAQs


Event Information

What are the 2024 Show Dates?

  • The 2024 Event will take place Sunday, March 10 – Tuesday, March 12
Where is the NGA Show taking place?
  • Caesar’s Forum Convention Center in the Forum & Summit Ballrooms

What are the hours of the show?

  • Monday, March 11 - 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday, March 12 - 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Will there be Wifi?

Complimentary Wifi will be provided in the exhibit hall to all attendees, however, we cannot guarantee uptime consistency throughout the duration of the event. We strongly recommend a dedicated internet connection if you intend to stream audio/video content or conduct live demonstrations/presentations within and around your exhibit.

Booth Space

What is included in my booth space?
  • Each 10' x 10' booth includes the following standard equipment:
  • Standard Booths:
    • 8’ High Draped Backwall - Color: Blue
    • 3’ High Draped Siderails – Color: Blue
  • Pavilion Booths:
    • 8’ High Draped Backwall – Color: Black
    • 3’ High Draped Siderails – Color: Black
  • The ballroom is carpeted in a multi-colored print.
  • NOTE: A floor covering is required if cooking will be taking place in the booth

Booth Guidelines/Rules & Regulations

Where can I find the booth rules & regulations?

Booth Furnishings

Who is the General Service Contractor?  
  • Freeman is the General Service Contractor for NGA 2024.  
  • Click here to access the Exhibitor Manual Quick Facts Page
  • Exhibitor Customer Service: 888.508.5054
What is the discount deadline to order?
  • Freeman’s Advanced Ordering Deadline is: February 12


Advanced Warehouse – February 8 – March 5

Warehouse shipping address:
The NGA Show 2024
C/O Freeman

6675 W Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Show site shipping address:
The NGA Show 2024
Caesars Forum
C/O Freeman

3911 Koval Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Freeman will receive shipments at the exhibit facility beginning March 09, 2024.

Material Handling

What is material handling/drayage?
  • The term "drayage" is the moving of exhibit materials from one location to another. Whether you ship to Freeman's advance warehouse or directly to show site, your materials still need to get to your booth location. Drayage services include the accepting of your material either at the warehouse or at show site, delivery to your booth, storage of empty containers during the show, returning empty containers at the close of the show, picking up your packaged materials, returning them to the dock, and loading on the carrier of your choice.


How many badges are included with my booth space?

10x10 = 3 Free Exhibitor Badges

10x20 = 5 Free Exhibitor Badges

20x20 = 6 Free Exhibitor Badges

20x30 = 8 Free Exhibitor Badges

20x40 = 10 Free Exhibitor Badges

Where can I register for badges?

  • You can register for badges by logging into your Exhibitor Hub and clicking on the tile titled “Exhibitor Registration”.
How much is an additional exhibitor badge?
  • Exhibitors pay $500 per badge over their allotment
What does my exhibitor badge allow access to?
  • The exhibitor badge provides access to all show events, which includes sessions and workshops, keynote address, opening reception, creative choice breakfast, general sessions, and closing party.  The exhibitor badge also provides exhibit hall access during set up and prior to the show floor opening each day.

Food Sampling Onsite

If you are planning to hand out food samples, please fill out the form linked in the hub, we will reach out to you with more information on current requirements. A food and/or beverage sample size are defined as a portion of 2oz. or less.  


Move-in Hours

Exhibitor move-in

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Monday, March 11, 2024

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Early move-in by appointment only





Booth Freight

Freight sent to the advance warehouse will be delivered to booths prior to the start of exhibitor move-in on Sunday. Freight sent directly to the show site will be unloaded and delivered as dock space allows.

Time Saving Tip: Ship to the advance warehouse as that freight is delivered earliest.


How late past set-up hours can I stay in the hall? Am I allowed to leave and come back in after hours?

Yes, you can remain in the hall up until 10:00 pm to finish set up. 

Once official set-up hours end at 5:00 pm you will be allowed to stay and continue setting up, however, if you leave the exhibit hall you will not be permitted to reenter that evening.

Time Saving Tip: Please make sure all your products and freight are in your booth and ready for set-up


Is it better to use advance shipments or direct (to show site) shipments?

Time & Money Saving Tip: In general, it is best to ship your materials to the “advance shipment” address. The charge for this may be slightly higher than shipping direct to the show site but the benefit far outweighs the cost. You can (and should) confirm that we have received your materials well in advance of the show installation; if there is a problem it can then be solved prior to the show. When shipping direct, if there is a problem there is seldom time to resolve the problem prior to the show opening. Another advantage to advance shipments is that your materials will be in your booth when you arrive and you can begin installation immediately, thus saving you time and frustration at the show site.

Are balloons allowed in the venue?

Balloon Policy for Caesar’s Forum

Caesars does not allow foil or mylar balloons of any kind in the facility. Standard rubber balloons with oxygen or helium are permitted in the building but must be anchored in some way. Cleaning fees may apply for loose balloons that float up to the ceiling.